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Can You Guess the One I Love
Better Than The Rest?
Seems to Me You Can But Know
I Love You the Best!



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Won’t You Bee My Honey?
And Cheer This Heart of Mine
And I Will Hug You All The While
Come Be My Valentine

I Cannot Bear To Lose You
Come Let Us Spoon A While



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Oh! Don’t shoot, Mr. President.
We’re the Cracker Jack Bears.
Yes, we met you at the White House in Washington.
Don’t you remember?
Oh Mr. Teddy drop your gun
For such business is no fun
So please don’t keep us on the rack
‘Cause we’re the bears with "Cracker Jack."
The Cracker Jack Bears No. 15


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Hereon I send a greeting kind
So CHRISTMAS DAY you’ll know
With love I "bear" my friends in mind
Wherever I may go.



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It’s just "barely" possible on Christmas Day
You’ll get better wishes than I send your way,
But there’s never a chance that they will be sent,
From a wish of more love, ev’n tho’ less eloquent



After the famous incident in which Roosevelt refused to shoot a captured bear, the "teddy bear" became a permanent part of American culture. "The stuffed bear associated Roosevelt with a lovable and cuddly identity..." (Keith Melder's Hail to the Candidate, Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington, 1992. p. 130). Cartoonists sometimes used the bear in political representations of Roosevelt, but "teddy" soon became little more than a novelty item.

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