Lloyd Neck
Caumsett State Historic Park
25 Lloyd Harbor Road
Lloyd Neck, NY 11743
(516) 423-1770

Caumsett State Historic Park was acquired by New York State in 1961. Located at Lloyd Neck in the town of Huntington, it is situated on a most scenic peninsula extending into Long Island Sound. About 1,500 acres of woodland, meadows, rocky shoreline, salt marsh, and former farm and garden areas make up the park. Roosevelt enjoyed observing wildlife and hunting along the peninsula.

In 1921, about 1,750 acres of Lloyd Neck was purchased by Marshall Field III and formed into one large estate. He gave the land its original Matinecock Indian name, Caumsett, which means, "place by a sharp rock." Field developed a herd of 80 head of prize cattle and a complete dairy farm. The self-sufficient, self-contained community had its own water and electrical supply. Vegetables were raised in truck gardens and wood came from the estate's own stands of oak, pine, dogwood and locust.

Today, the Long Island region of the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation administers Caumsett State Historic Park. The park is diverse: fishing, hiking, bird watching, nature photography and nature study are among the many activities visitors may pursue. Guided nature tours focusing on many aspects of the Caumsett environment and Long Island in general are led throughout the park. The park offers nature programs throughout the year to interested individuals on an advance reservation basis. Seasonal program schedules are available on request. All tours begin at the park booth. The park opens at 8 a.m.; closing time varies according to season. There is an entrance fee of $4 per automobile from May through October; bus fees year-round.

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